"After-Readings" and "Trivial Lives," both traditions established by the original editors, will be regular features of TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism.

From TRIVIA 13: "After-readings are a form of review essay in which the dialogue between reader and text becomes a catalyst for the reader's own meditations. They acknowledge the intense interaction between readers and texts and the transformational nature of reading. We welcome after-readings of current and non-current publications. Dialogues with films and artwork are also welcome."

From TRIVIA 2: "While many women's writings have been completely hidden from our view, others, though published and given worldwide attention, have never received the kind of recognition they deserve. The purpose of Trivial Lives is to honor those women who have suffered from one or both forms of neglect, as well as to inspire the reader to seek out the sources of each woman's work, the resources that tell us more about her, and the concrete effects of her ideas in the world." We wish to expand this category to include 1) women writers, artists, activists, thinkers from around the globe whose voices broke the silence barrier but are now fading away with time and 2) women who are not necessarily writers or thinkers, but whose lives and/or work are marginalized and deserve recognition.

Please include a brief bio and a head shot or other photo of at least 300 pixels.